About Us

Martedi Winery was founded in 2008 by brothers Joseph and John Miglino. Meaning Tuesday in Italian, the winery is named for the Second Tuesday of the month. The day we all would get together for food and fun and wine.

Joseph Miglino, Winemaker/Owner – From Sommelier and wine educator to Fine Wine managing, restaurant owner and retail, for 30 years I’ve worn a lot of hats in the wine industry. When I tasted Washington State Wines in NYC, I knew that someday I would wear the winemakers’ hat here in Washington State. In 2008 that dream became real and Martedi Winery was born.

John Miglino, Operations Manager – Starting with a career in the Middle East Oil business, and then moving to the Northwest to start his own Mortgage firm. John didn’t take too much coercing to join me in the winery and has been instrumental in its continued growth. He has never looked back.